Casterline Associates 2017 Seminars

Casterline Associates, P.C. is a CPA and management consulting firm specialized in assisting PHAs with a variety of accounting, auditing and consulting needs. Although we are a "CPA" firm, our primary focus is the Public Housing industry, which accounts for about 95% of what we do. Our team members have assisted more than 200 housing authorities, including eight of the ten largest PHAs, over a 21 year period. Our team members have trained over 14,000 PHA and HUD personnel at our HUD accounting and budget seminars. 

Casterline Associates offers a variety of seminars, to meet the needs of experienced housing professionals as well as those new to the industry.

This workshop is intended for Finance Department, Management Operations, and PHA Real Estate personnel to gain a better understanding of how RAD works from a financial perspective.  It will enable attendees to learn how the financing, accounting, and financial reporting works for RAD under both PBV and PBRA, and also covers Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC).  A detailed agenda is available by clicking on the link above.

This course is intended for those who are new to the Housing Authority’s Finance Department, and is also good for Executive Directors that want to get a comprehensive overview of the budgeting, accounting, and reporting requirements. The course covers Public Housing and related grants, as well as the Housing Choice Voucher program. Topics include budgets and funding calculations, monitoring, accounting requirements, reporting requirements and year end closing. Fully updated for all of the latest changes!

Advanced PHA Budgeting, Accounting & Reporting Training

This course includes a variety of topics and is intended as an update course encompassing the latest and most important changes. New sections have been added for Housing Authorities to learn how to maximize revenue and control costs.  Also, the course will  overview of the latest developments in the Public Housing, Capital Fund, and Housing Choice Voucher Programs.




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